Friday, July 19, 2013

July 19, 2013 - MTC, week something

July 19, 2013

So, I don't actually keep track of how long I've been here. Just since it's closer to the end than to the beginning, that there are about 10 days 'til I leave. Wait, what?!?
We got travel plans this morning while doing laundry at 4 in the morning - I'll be off to Dallas, then to SEOUL on the 29th. Crazy talk.
Also, today we got to clean the temple - I helped with one of the chandeliers. They're amazing - we took them apart crystal by crystal, and polished them. I was there for 3 hours, and we didn't finish one. 156 chandeliers in the temple. Amazing, huh! And really, it was just nice to go to the temple again, even if we didn't do a session or anything. The temple has been closed for the last few weeks, and I've really missed the peace in the temple. So it was nice :)
I was wondering what to talk about this week, since it's been mostly the same as other weeks - and then I realized I didn't say much about what we do day to day. SO! Here's a quick run-down of the Missionary Training Center:
Everyday, we have 6 hours of class, which includes Korean, teaching skills, and progressing investigator. We finished the Korean book like, 3 weeks ago, so we've just been learning other random grammar and expressions, and practicing LOTS on the basics. Really, you don't need fancy words to share the message of the gospel. Which is nice. Because I don't know fancy words, or always how to put them together. Korean makes a lots of sense, but is different in most ways from English. Subject, Object, Verb. Etc, etc. Crazy :) But it's really amazing how much and how fast we all learn here, assisted by the Spirit. The romantic language speakers sound just about fluent (in gospel vocab, anyway) when they leave. I'm a long way from that, but for studying Korean for only 2 months, it's amazing. (Though I still feel like I don't know much - Korea is going to be an adventure :)) We teach a progressing investigator in Korean all the time - right now we're teaching commandments like tithing and the word of wisdom - which is nice, because it's a situation where you can mess up horribly and it's okay. A lot of the teaching skills we go over are in Preach My Gospel - which is a wonderful, wonderful book. (sweet. My chair just broke :P) Sundays are the best - we have devotionals, which are always a pick me up, and sacrament meeting in Korean.
Aaaand I'm just about out of time. that's only a little bit of the MTC. But it's what I do :)
Sister Thomas
토마스 차매

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