Friday, July 5, 2013

July 5, 2013 - The big email that Isn't a big email.

July 5, 2013

So, I've enjoyed talking over e-mail more than big long news-lettering, and the days all mush together anyway (I swear P-day was yesterday, but on actual yesterday, I couldn't remember what happened in the morning because it was so long ago.)
So, I'm still at the MTC, and still learning Korean!
And I still have companions! Though Sister Florence is leaving this week. sniffle.
Oh! Cool things:
-Revelation explosion during personal study. One of those just purely amazing experiences. In short, this work is sooooo much bigger than I can even comprehend. I read D&C 138, praying to catch a vision of the work. Verse 47 clicked in a way it never had before.
-Fourth of July yesterday! We got to watch the fireworks and see a REAL movie (17 miracles - I admire their faith.)
-We're teaching our investigators about the gospel of Christ right now. It's pretty exciting :) They both have baptismal dates right now for July 17th and 20th! Maye more about teaching later.
also, the temple is closed. :( though I suppose that means I have more P-day time, still sad.
-Good thing - (though I suppose also sad thing, since sister Florence is leaving), but I have a new sister training leader I'm working with! Sister Blickenstaff, She's so great too. I'm excited!
Yep. I'm still at the MTC and still learning Korean!

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