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July 5, 2013 - The Best Things

July 5, 2013

Hullo again! I don't have time/want to spend the effort to think of an introduction. All the brain power goes to Korean/lesson planning/teaching.
Worldwide Broadcasts are the best!
But really, SO COOL! I was like "I hope everyone in my home ward is seeing this! I hope everyone in Korea is seeing this!" There were multiple occasions where I felt like I was going to explode into sunshine and rainbows and butterflies. Something along those lines. A marvelous work is about to come forth among the children of men! It has been, but it will even more so now! There are 70,000 missionaries - but there are 14 MILLION members. What amazing things would happen if all those members catch the spirit of the work? One thing that I had been thinking about actually a lot before I come on my mission was the essential role of members in missionary work - just as much as the hope of the gospel of Christ, people need to be welcomed to the organization of the church with a friend. And that's what the broad cast was ALL about! Like it's awesome and all that we can use technology, but the focus is that ALL us, our purpose is, in one way or another, "to invite others to come unto Christ, by receiving the restored gospel through Fatih in the Lord Jesus Christ and His atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end." (make sure I got that entirely right :)) also note - baptism is one element of that. Members don't have to baptize people. missionaries don't have to baptize people. We need to love people! That's all. Missionaries have responsi9bilities to be teachers, and members have the responsibility to be friends. I don't know that I expressed everything about that that I'd like to . Just watch it again. The words of the prophets and of the spirit are better than mine anytime. I just hope y'all catch the spirit, with the Spirit! :)
Also, isn't Sister Marriott awesome? She came and spoke to us about their conversion story. Ekke, running out of time. Maybe I'll talk about it more later.
And Korea was in the Called to Serve video a few times. YEAH! :)
And being in the member/missionary choir was amazing, too. That's what it's all about! Member work and missionary work is the same thing! I don't mind that I wasn't on camera (though I saw the bottom of my shirt :))
Understanding Korean is the best!
And yes, that means I'm starting to understand what they're saying to me all the time! Not just picking up a word her and there - that's been going for a while - but ideas are starting to come. We've learned TONS of grammar and words - I have a 'self-esteem ring' that I put all my flashcards on when I've mastered them, and it's getting full! Hehe :) I almost have the first vision down in Korean (thanks for the jump rope, i just recited it a bunch of times during personal gym time) and I'm working on the Missionary Purpose right now. It's amazing to see how fast you can learn with the Spirit - and it teaches you patience like none other. Except maybe being thrown in the country where people only speak Korean to you all day :)
Koreans are the best!
WE had 3 Korean sisters and 1 Elder (a solo Elder?! crazy talk) come this week. And I was companions with Sister Kim for a little while! Ah, the sisters are just always so happy and excited and friendly! I can't even explain. I"M SO EXCITED! And I realized - I have no conversational Korean skills. Thank goodness to of them speak English really well (went to BYU (she's going to my mission!), lived in Canada), but I want to talk to Sister Kim too! Anyway. Oh! Also, I forgot to tell you last week that I have a new companion - Sister Florence! She's my fellow sister training leader and a solo sister (only sister in her district, hence the companionship change)  and she's so great. We have lots of great talks about life and the Gospel and truth and science and how it's all connected. Amazing :)
And not only are Koreans the best, but Korean-speaking missionaries are the best. I LOVE our district, I LOVE our zone. Everyone is just - great. I could try lots of words, but that's what it comes down to. The BEST people are here! :D
That is all for now. I'm just about out of time for this big-long email and have a couple people to write ;)

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