Friday, June 7, 2013

June 7, 2013 - Annyoung Smashing Pizza... Week 2

June 7, 2013

So, this is kind of to you, and kind of to all. I'm assuming everyone will share all emails anyway - and the plan is to also write a letter. We'll see how time happens :)
COOL! So this week---I  can't remember what I told you last week. I'ts all been one looooong adventure. Only on Tuesday did time kick back in; before that I couldn't remember what we did when and the days took FOR.EV.ER. It was time to go to bed - it was only 11:00am! Time is known only unto man - and we are missionaries. :) Hehe, missionary humor is running strong. Yesterday, another missionary passed us and out of nowhere: "Can missionaries do the hokey pokey?" And I yelled "YES!" and laughed about it. For a really long time :) I told dad another story. Also all the things we can say in Korean! Ask and ye shall receive. ( I assume :)) Oh yes, our investigator! We taught 4 lessons to Brother Hwang in Korean - We relied heavily on our notes, which is acceptable, but I was realizing yesterday that it's okay to HAVE notes, but I should have been relying on the spirit more. Something to work on the next week. But it went fairly well! I really did like it the best when we tried to just talk to him/when he had questions, rather than reading our script. I've been learning lessons about diligence and patience with the language. Maybe more to come in a letter (? I don't know how much to promise yet. we'll leave it at hopefully :))
Also, Koreans are here! there are 6 cha-mae-nim (sisters (its easier to sound out with dashes :))) and 3 chang-ro-nim (elders). I haven't talked to them much yet (tyring to get over the fear of not being able to say anything other than prayers) but they seem great. I love Koreans! :D they were talking to another district trying to say "Jessica Alba" for the longest time. "Alrba. Allrlrba." Hehehe :) Also, it's fun on Wednesdays to gawk at new missionaries. We aren't the new ones anymore! And hopefully in a couple weeks, I'll be able to host the new ones - it would be so fun! I love missionaries, I'm so excited for real live missionary work out in the field (but we can do some here too! Just not as hard core.)
Also, there's a word for "y'all". I'm super excited :) Ilr-ah-boon. Something like that (Korean looks dumb when I turn it in the English letters.
On Sundays, we get to watch a film at night. I'd heard from Celina ("it is ESSENTIAL that you see this the first week") and Jen ("It changes peoples lives. I haven't seen it, but it changes people's lives.") and a few others that that was one to watch. It was wonderful. If you can find it online (it's by Elder Bednar, a Christmas Devotional at the MTC, though it's probably not floating around too much, I think they like to keep them at the MTC), watch it. Today. If not, here is the synopsis. He talked about how Christ, at the hardest times when the natural man (who he equated to the cookie moster: Me want cookie. NOW.) would turn inward (I'm so sorry for myself. You should feel bad for me. I'm not having success. I'm going to go wallow for a while. etc.), he turns outward. He shared stories (Christ and the temptations (bread, cast yourself form the pillar/mountain/thing; during this he sent angels to John in prison. How after the atonement, with the weight of the world through out all times and dispensations on his shoulders, betrayed and let down by apostles, he healed the guards ear... Etc. I'll hopefully include more in a letter. I just have a few minutes.) Testimony and conversion. Repentance as turning outward, to God and to your neighbor. I feel like this talk was a clear statement of a lot of things I've been grasping at for a while, and it's been a blessing. How following Christ requires a correct knowledge of the character and attributes of Christ.
AH! I have to go soon. But I love you all! Thank you for everything! Have a lovely week!
Sister Thomas

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