Sunday, June 23, 2013

June 23, 2013 - Oh Hey!

June 23, 2013

I'm not really sure what to talk about because the MTC is kind of wake up-breakfast-gym-study-more study-lunch-class-study-class. Plus a devotional or two here or there (Which are GREAT! :)) But I forgot my list of exciting things that have happened, so we'll see what I end up writing about.
Things are great again! Like I said, unfortunately I was writing to you during the hour that I wasn't feeling particularly great and enthusiastic. I got a whole lot sicker (good English, huh. It's okay, I won't have to speak it for a while.) after I wrote last time - I was being stubborn and not wanting to miss class/make my companions miss class, but they were made me go back to the room.  Which was great. (honestly, it feels like so long ago that I don't think I'm doing the story justice.) Anyway, I got a blessing and had a good long talk with Heavenly Father, and everything is good again :)
So on Monday, the older 동이 (group) left for Korea - Crazy! People actually get to leave this place! (not that I don't love the MTC - I really do! I'm just more excited for Korea :) 고리아 넘바 완! ha :)) I miss the sisters though - they're so fantastic. And we have a new group of missionaries - 5 Elders, 5 Sisters! SUPER EXCITING! I remember thinking that the people who had been here for 3 weeks and 6 weeks knew so much - and now we're the 3 week-ers. Crazy talk. (for some reason, that's become my phrase of the month. Hm.) And even though I didn't really/couldn't really talk to the Koreans when they were here (they left with the older 동이), I miss them too! I'm so excited for Koreaaaaa! :D hehe :)
Um. Yep :) Language is coming. I can pretty much say the majority of what I want to say - sloooowly. BUT! It's a place to start. Next step - learn to understand people. We've actually learned most of the grammar forms in our little book that supposed to take 9 weeks, as well as a few other things. So it's coming :)
Also, TRC is AWSAH! (see, I don't ever say "awesome" in English, but it's fun in 한국말 :)) Volunteers come in and we teach them in Korean. Just, teach them. The topic differs every week, but it's just cool to teach real live people real live things, for THEM. Again - SO EXCITED FOR KOREA! :D and It's nice because it's easier to not read off a script. I don't know,my companions still like mapping out word for word what we're going to say - I don't really, I'd rather just talk about what we're talking about, but I guess it's helpful to follow where we are...sort of :) but in TRC, we finished the lesson pretty quickly, so we could just talk. I loved it! And one of the sisters we talked to is from Korea, and her mother is still in Seoul - so she took down our names so that she could maybe feed us or something if we're in her area :) So NICE! :) (I can't get tooooooooooooo exited yet, or I'll explode over the course of 5 is more weeks. BUT! SO EXCITING! :) )
Pretty much, I love my district. Pretty much, I love the sisters. Pretty much, I love Korean-speaking missionaries. Everyone one here is fantastic :) SUPER EXCITING! (haha, new tag line?)
Also, EPIC MISSIONARY BROADCAST ON SUNDAY! (Caps are just fun right now. You can't really do that in Korean (as far as I know...)) BE EXCITED!
So, I don't feel like I really said much in this email. I have too many stories and no stories and too long-ago (a week) stories. Feel free to ask specific questions :)
Um, yep! Maybe pictures later?
Love you all!
Sister Thomas

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