Monday, August 12, 2013

August 12, 2013 - So I'm not sure what happened this week. It was awesome.

August 12, 2013

 Yep! Korea is awesome! The people are awesome! I love the people we're meeting with - we have the best investigators, the best ward, and there are lots of really nice people on the street. Like, really nice and friendly. Koreans love foreigners - though I've probably been asked what my heritage is here more than anywhere else, and everyone keeps saying that I look like I'm from the East (Sister Gardiner keeps having to tell me that they say that, though, I never understand that sentence...) - especially when they try to learn Korean, and as a general rule, they're just really awesome, nice people, including the ones who don't want to listen to us, usually. Funny event of the week - a boy came over and asked for our number, and said he wanted to be our friend -- like in a college boy sort of way. Ha. I wasn't always sure what he was saying, and Sister Gardiner said she didn't know how to handle that... so we ended up telling him about the English class that we do with the Elders in our ward, and got his number for that. Anyway. It was funny :)

We're teaching quite a few investigators actually, which I really enjoy. One is a 할머니 (grandma) who lives alone, and is so funny. I never quite know how to read her (possibly because she's speaking Korean :)) we teach her some English before we teach her about the Gospel. Sometimes I think we're just there to teach her English, then other times she’s really interested in the Gospel, then other times I have no idea what's going on, and so on and so forth. We were teaching about service and the purpose that it gives - Like really, I love service. It makes me feel like I'm doing things and accomplishing more than just for myself, which is just one reason why missionary work is GREAT! :) - and then she started asking about the commandments out of the blue, because "I'm going to need to know them if I'm going to live them." So we told her about some of the commandments, then she just wanted to learn English words about them...And probably a whole lot more is going on that I'm not picking up on. It's an adventure everyday here :) 

We have another investigator who started as an English interest (I think) and she's pretty good at English, which is nice for me, because when I really can't figure out how to say something in Korean, I can say a bit in English. Side note - I'm learning (continuing to learn) a lot through learning Korean. More than just Korean. Patience, and patterns of progression, and that the Spirit is more important than Korean (which is hard to remember sometimes, when everyone is speaking Korean...) but I'm not in Korea to learn Korean, I'm here to bring people unto Christ at every point of my mission. Anyway - she's awesome, too. I really like the way she thinks, maybe because it's kind of similar to how I think. And we brought a member to meet her this last week, and they talked for quite a while, which was GReAT - members are really crucially crucial in missionary work. People need to not only learn about the Gospel, but also have friends in the church; and there is a potential to fill all those needs. I love friendly people :) Anyway, we talked a lot about Ether 12:6 and 12:27; about being made strong in Christ, about how sometimes you don't always know before you do.  An interaction of faith and action. Yep :)

Well, I'm going to send this email off. Maybe more stories if I remember them :)

Sister Thomas

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