Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013 - So said the spider . . .

I"M SO EXCITED TO LISTEN TO GENERAL CONFERENCE! Really, I need some spiritual food. Is it strange that I feel less spiritually nourished on my mission than I have at other points in my life? I don't know, maybe you can ask dad about it, too (All these emails are open info ,)) And I'm sure it'll get better and all, but it's just not sticking like it used to. And how on Sundays it used to be uplifting to go to church, it's just korean for 3 hours, and my mind short circuIts a little ;)

Things that happened! I think that I just skip over all the stuff that I assume everyone knows, that there is no reason that anyone would know. SO!
I'm serving with Sister Sieverts!
She's from Sandy, went to Alta, graduated in '11 too, and has been in Korea for 5 months. So we're having adventures trying to talk to everyone :) (Korean is hard! It's awesome, and I love learning it, but it's tooootally different than English. I don't only have to rewire the words I say, but the order I think in...but it's coming!) She's served with 2 Korean companions so far, so I'm her first American!
We're still in good ol' ____, and have a lot of work to do. {Some people} are impossible to find here - everyone changes numbers and addresses all the time, and the address system is {hard to understand}. . I've never been so thankful for the grid system of Utah, with Mount Olympus on the East... there is no rhyme or reason here {that I can identify}. And there are 2 systems of addresses, one that they have nice signs for on every house, but they don't use, so the real address is usually written on a brick :) Anyway. I just say that because we tried to find a couple {of former members} this week. There a a lot of them in Korea.
Two sisters in our apartment left this last transfer, Sister Gardiner went home and Sister Young went to to another area. But we have another greenie in our house - Sister K____! who is Korean and knows far better than I what's going on around here ;) She's super cute (as are all of the Korean sisters, seriously :)) and the sister of someone that I was in the MTC with! 
This week was sort of strange, with the transition and all; we had a lot of meals with members, which was super fun. They're all so awesome! It's always an adventure trying to talk to them, too; the language barrier is a real thing. But it makes things that aren't funny funny, and things that are funny funnier :) We ate at an American food buffet with a members (with the cutest little girl!) and then with our Relief Society president at a meat buffet... So. Full. Delicious, but I was going to die :) Also, there was a CRAZY spider that we looked at after. And you know, there are cooler things I could talk about, but I just feel like sharing this and our Relief Society {president}shared about it in testimony meeting, so it's legit, right? :) Anyway, we watched this spider for a while - it was crazy. We threw some stuff in it's web, and it would immediately cut out a toothpick and all kinds of other stuff, and then patch it back together (this was a MASSIVE web) within a couple minutes. Super diligent, which is what our Relief Society president talked bout (granted, it was in Korean, so I think she did, anyway...) And really, I'm learning all about diligence out here. I'm out here not to play around or have an adventure in Korea or learn a language or anything, I'm here to "invite others to come unto Christ", whether that be through service or just being nice or teaching or talking to random people on the street...and honestly, it's hard to keep it up all the time. But it's so much easier to give 100% than 90%. It's easier to not have to decide again every time if I'm going to talk to that person. If it's 100%, I just do it. Like that spider just kept working and working and working...anyway. I'm done :)
And we taught a lot of lessons in a couple days! Granted, one lady is too busy to meet with us anymore, but she thanked us a ton for helping her kids to learn English, and has learned through the gospel. And she said maybe in a month or two things will calm down and we can meet again. But there was a real difference between teaching in her house, which was chaotic, and the house of the next investigator, an old woman - Because we could feel the spirit in the woman's house, our minds were clearer, the lesson went significantly better, and I could speak and understand a lot more Korean, and just felt better. Really, if you don't have the Spirit, you shall not teach. It just doesn't work.
Anyway. More, but not more time.

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