Monday, October 21, 2013

Very quickly!

The beginning of the week...didn't happen. Lots of appointments cancelled, and somehow things just lined up so we didn't have the chance to talk to lots of people...It was strange. I'm looking through my planner right now, and we had so many plans that didn't work out for like, four days. So we did the work of the week in three! Whew! And there's lots of potential this week - we just need to call about 25 people and make appointments - in Korean. Yeah! :D It strange how numbers work as a missionary...we have one progressing investigator (who is AWESOME! hehe, I love her so much. I'm sure I've told you about her, but I can't remember what I she's one that I've talked about. She gave Sister Sieverts a bracelet and me earrings today - maybe I should get my ears pierced :P), and about four other investigators...and 25 people to make appointments with. We were counting yesterday, and we probably talked to 75 people yesterday for missionary work (random people on the street, members, phone calls), and talked to about three on Friday. It's really strange. Numbers sometimes reflect work, and sometimes don't. Anyway, in a way, that's a little bit more of a concrete picture of how it's going in Korea. So many miracles and crazy stuff that happen that aren't reflected in the numbers. Being a missionary is an adventure :)

Just a note - we've been talking about light a lot with our progressing investigator - she notices that the missionaries and members have a "different light, or energy" about them, and really wants to find that light and brightness for herself - It's interesting how much more often you notice that light as a missionary, as you walk down the street, there are so many people who really look...dead, or dull, or however else you want to explain it, and then there are people who look happy, but then there are people with that bright energy, not necessarily giddy or bubbly, but you can just tell as they stand on the street. We met a member as we were talking to people on the sidewalk, and we could tell :) Anyway, just appreciate that light. It's the Light of Christ. It's a special thing.  :)
Love you all!
Sister Thomas

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