Monday, February 10, 2014

A 21-year-old-girl trying to save the world

Hello! :D
Some cool things and requests:
Check out the fantastic city I'm serving in - at our mission conference for the Lunar New Year, President Christensen showed us a video just for fun (I won't be able to see it again for 9 months, but you can enjoy it :)) it's called "Seoul, Magic Hours" by Kwan OhChul Astrophotography and it's fantasticly amazing. I just love those things that are bigger than yourself :)
Also! Another thing from our conference - Dad, do you remember when Sam was talking about helping good sites come up on the internet in Russia? Well, the same thing has been a problem here - instead of Google, people use other search engines, so when the websites aren't connected right, people can't find correct information, which is a real issue, since everyone is practically living on their phones/internet (goal - before I come home, i will get a picture of a subway, filled with people with headphones, staring at their smartphones :)) But there are PR missionaries here, as well as a foundation in Provo (More Good Foundation) that's working on helping to get our official websites on the internet well :) It's really exciting to see other efforts other than just running around the streets to find people!

Also, do you happen to still have the McConkie's teaching skills from that one class they taught a while ago? It would probably be fun and helpful to look at :) Because I still have a while to go until I become a good teacher.
Most of the happenings this week were in my letter to President - so I'm not sure that I'll go over that again...Honeslty, it was a week of a lot of goodbyes. We have a lot of great people we're working with, and wanted to say good bye before Sister Jackson left. 
So Sister Jackson was transferred to the north, and now we have two Americans and two Koreans in our house...And so far, it's honestly been a little awkward, they don't really talk to us. But you do what you can do, I suppose. Also, our phone hasn't had service for about 3 days now, so we can't make appointments unless the other sisters are home and  not using their phone, so....we haven't had a lot of appointments the last couple days. A lot of talking to people on the streets and subways! With not a whole lot of ways to contact them back. We'll just say that some days are more productive than others :)
Other things: the ward is fantastic :) There are just really awesome, fun people there, a lot of who are willing to help the misisonaries when we ask for help. We're going to try to focus on member-present lessons this transfer, because it really can make such a difference, and can get everyone excited about missionary work! And can help us when our Korean is a little lacking ;)
It's hard to save the world all by yourself. It's easier with a companion. It's even easier when you rely on the Lord, because it's His work anyway. If there's anything that I've learned on my mission, it's that if you need anything and sincerely ask for it, your prayers will be answered :) That's a promise - from me, but even more importantly, from Heavenly Father! 3 Nephi 27:29.
Love you all!
Sister Thomas

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