Monday, June 9, 2014

Guess where I'm going...

That's right! It's transfer time!!
I'm off to....North Korea!
Just kidding.
I'm off to....America!
Just kidding.
It's somewhere in the middle of those two! I'll be near the border of North Korea (don't worry! There's a member on the army base who's job it is to keep track of every American, so that they can pull us out within a day if anything is wrong :)) near Camp Casey, an army base, where it sounds like a LOT of foreigners live, and that I'll mostly be working with the English branch up there! So I'm moving from one army base to the other :)
And a little miracle within that - We've been working with a Chinese recent convert solider, Sister W___.  Her friend, who introduced her to the church in South Carolina, is at the other army base! The night before we got our calls, we had a discussion about answers to prayers, and praying and counseling with the Lord, and she told us the story of how she prayed to be sent to the same place as her friend - and they both came to Korea! Almost the same base, but not quite.
My new companion will be Sister Fuller - who I've met once, and don't know much other than that. But!  It will be awesome. When we met before, we both thought we knew each other from somewhere...BYU?
I'll be sad to leave this ward, and Korea, to a point...(I'm not sure what percent of my area will be American, what percent will be Korean...) because it's a fantastic ward. BUT I'm so excited to go.  It's time for a change and to start off right again :)

This week, on Monday, we prayed to find some cheap, missionary-appropriate clothes while shopping, so we wouldn't have to go again. You may laugh, but it's legitimate - everything is see-though, and neither Sister Seegmiller nor I really enjoy/have the patience for shopping. But miracle! We DID find things! Lots of things! Hooray!  We met with S___, and it was odd - we thought a member was coming, so we waited for her, but she never did...miscommunication. Anyway. it was still okay, though.  We got to answer a lot of questions she had about the church that we wouldn't have otherwise. We had a ward picnic on Friday, which we got special permission to go to.  It was nice to spend some time with our ward; it's an awesome place with lots of fantastic people. Adventures of a foreign missionary: We got a call on Tuesday, "I want to meet to learn English; do you have time right now?" So we went, and I guess she wanted us to help her to revise a script for a large group of volunteer tour guides. Hm. We'll meet next week, do some English and teach the gospel. A lady I met on the subway called us and wants help finding a relative who lives in America? I don't know. She was willing to take a Book of Mormon though, and said she'd look at it, and call if she had questions. It sounded like she wants to be best friends forever though~
Um, yes! It was an interesting sort of week. Good things, though!
Love you all!
Sister Thomas the Elder
P.S.  The ward wanted us to help with a ward picnic on their memorial day - we went to the war memorial museum,  ate and then we posed as American nurses (America helped turn the tide of the war) that the kids tried to find hints from to "find their family" (the North Koreans abducted a lot of South Koreans as the front lines advanced and retreated)  - The history of this country, especially through the war, is amazing.  This city is a miracle, to see what is was 60 years ago, turned into this fantastic place I am blessed to serve in!
Also lots of parallels in war and missionary work (which i won't go into all of them right now) - I feel like the front lines for the Lord right now! The enemy is so real, and has refined his tactics and attacks from every angle. But we keep going, and can't ease up - victory means everything~

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