Monday, June 16, 2014

Hallo! From the great land of Korea/America/NorthKorea/Army/Africa!

Wow! It's been a whole week! It was one of those month-weeks, where I can hardly believe that I was serving in a different area a week ago.
It started out on a Monday. Sad story - Sister H___ has decided not to come to church; she only wants to be "foreigner friends," and anything we mention about church or trying to find out what happened is pressureful... So. We've made lots of mistakes, but we don't know how to show her love that she'll accept. She got pretty mad. So prayers are appreciated.
Tuesday was a day of good-byes; G___ doesn't want to meet with us anymore, and we met with Sister W___ and had a great lesson about the plan of salvation. We said goodbye to the Ulvestads, the senior couple we've worked with by the army base, and I packed up and transferred on Wednesday morning.
And now I'm in DongDuCheon! And Uijeongbu City! (fun fact - I guess if you watch the show MASH, it takes place on the army base I'm assigned to work with right now :) Not that I know my TV shows or anything...
Things are finally normal again. They've been more and more normal, and now they're normal, and fun, and chill, and getting work done- we're still on the learning curve, but it's good :) My companion is Sister F___ from Cottonwood Heights, and we figured out that we both took flute lessons from Karen Perkins! Look at that :)
We will work with both the Korean ward in the city and the Army base which is about 45 minutes north (lots of travel time!), but it sounds like most of the people who are willing to meet are associated with the Northern Military Branch (NMB). There is also a short service on the base for soldiers who can't leave the base on Sundays, which is where those pictures came from.
Success is a sister from Liberia who was baptized about a month ago. She has the most solid faith! I wish you could hear her bear her testimony and teach in her amazing accent - she is so powerful and strong. She's been through a lot -- she told us a little about her family, a very large family in Liberia, and she hasn't seen her father since she left with a soldier for Nigeria, and then ended up here with her daughter, M___, who was also baptized recently (she's a fun one!) One of my favorite things to testify of is that Christ understands perfectly all that we've been through, and because he has descended below all things, He can lift us. (it was one of those days that personal study in the morning went about word for word what we needed to say).
AND! C___, a sister from America, is here doing her family history, and met her family that gave her up for adoption yeeeears ago. We taught her family a little bit and have helped her with some translation in finding her ancestry, and the ward is all excited about helping with their family!
Hope you have a beautiful time on trek and in Tuscon!  (Also, Lauren! Where are you serving? Do you know the Lenords? Because they're related to the Linders, and we had dinner with them. Anyway :))

Sister Thomas the Elder(Sister? hehe)

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