Monday, August 25, 2014

BLITZ! Lots of exciting things :) Though I could not write but a hundredth part...

Well! All sorts of adventures and miracles this week :) 
We'll start with:
이___(L___)- Guess what! We're getting a new companion. No, it's not transfers yet. Another fun fact -- we already know her :) She attends the Korean ward we serve in, and is going to serve as a missionary in England ,but she's going to be serving with us in our little bit of America/Africa/Philippines/Peru for a bit. (And Pakistan). We met a P___ family who we're going to teach again on Tuesday! I've never been so thankful that English is my mother tongue :)) I'm super excited! She's a lot of fun, and it going to be interesting to see if we can fit five people in our tiny house (we're already studying in the living room!) And another special thing - her mother was baptized yesterday!! Sister L___became a member when she was young with her sister, and the other sisters have been teaching her mother for a little while now; it was a very special service! 
J___ & J___ - We met with J___on Thursday, talked about prophets and such, and she said she had read the introduction to the Book of Mormon, and talked about it with her boyfriend, now fiance, a little. She gave us his number to contact the missionaries in his area. We had a missionary meeting, and gave the number to Sister P___ to also contact the military relations missionaries over there, and she says, "J___ (no last name for privacy purposes^^). I've been looking for you!" Apparently she had gotten word that the missionaries had taught him in a previous army base, and that he was coming to Camp Casey (he's at another base). And lo and behold, J___,who we met on the train, is engaged to J___, who already has had contact with the church. And not only that, but we found out on Sunday - he was already baptized! And they want to be married in the temple! How's that for 일사천리?! (il-sa-jol-li), the word that means everything just falls into place, aka MIRACLE! Has the day of miracles ceased? I submit that it has NOT! :D) And she's planning to be baptized in October!!
K___and J___ - We were walking down our normal street in B___, where everyone knows us and we wave to them through the windows. A man and his family stops us; we had seen his family before! (on one of those days that I had no idea why we were where we were, though I do remember distincly that I felt like I should try to remember the twins' names). As their twins played in one of the shops, he introduced us to his Korean friend (we know his wife, and taught her a little once~) and we shared a little about what we do as missionaries, and he started telling us a little bit about her army life, and you could tell it's really dragging him down...But we're going to try and meet on a weekend again :)
J___, J___, A___- Some students we met for the first time we never thought we'd see! They are awesome :) They're from the Philippines and we just had a good, simple talk about God as our Loving Heavenly Father, and how he gives us letters and maps through the Book of Mormon. We're excited to see them again! :D
박___ - A former preacher, interested in English and the gospel, who's met with missionaries quite a lot, wondering about how to get to the Celestial Kingdom. We read the "Book of Mormon Stories" version of the tree of life, and she understood the iron rod so well! (When we sent a text to follow up on her reading the Word of God, she said, "I will catch the rod of iron and be going to go straight and narrow path. Thanks a lot." and she's shared some of the things she's learned~ awesome!) We drew her a map (I might want to send you this, Sister Thomas, the younger, I love this map :)), including the straight and narrow path, commandments, repentance, and covenants, all in scripture chase form. 
신___-She had stopped us on the street one day a while ago, asking if we are the missionaries who teach English, and if we can meet even if she doesn have any religious interest. I was hesitant, because we don't have that much extra time to take away from those who do want to learn about the gospel, but we called her back (granted, this is quite a while later) - she was busy with some work) and she answered the phone, and wanted us over the next day. But we get there, and she says, "No English today," and starts firing off questions about what we believe and what the Book of Mormon is (and this is in a interestrf way, not a Bible-bash-y way, thank goodness). It was awesome; it was like she was teaching us the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through questions :) "This make sense; it's the same pattern as in the Bible"...Anyway. we're excited :) 
Sister S___- Good news! And fun things: She brought some of her Korean friends to the baptismal service on Sunday! (I just get really excited about member missionary work :)) AND they happened to already know another famly who attends the Korean ward :) I think they had a good time; we're going to try and meet this week :) AND Sister S___'s dad wants to be baptized! He's coming with his wife from China to Korea so that Brother S___can baptize him! We're quite excited :) 
S___- Hard times. She's getting married to a Nigerian member of  our ward (YAY!! :D Awesome couple!) but some of the Nigerians and Liberians don't think they're such an awesome couple. E___, her fiance, got beat up this week, and there's a lot of oppostition from their community, toward both of them and the )hurch (there was a meeting I guess with a lot of Africans who have a Liberian group that's led by a preacher, and they're saying that we're demonic...Because you know me and Sister F___, we're about as scary as you get :P But anyway. It's a problem.) 
Thought/visual of the week: An object always has a shadow, because of the light. If the light source is brighter, the line of the shadow and the shadow itself becomes darker. All this to say, as Elder Corbridge said in the last general conference, the truth will always be opposed, and as Lehi says, there is opposition in all things. Surrounded in darkness, the light of the gospel and light of Christ shines brighter.
Love you ALL! STAY Strong, Stay HAPPY :D The gospel has a lot of happiness in it, and it all centers in Jesus Christ, the light and life of the world. We truly are seekers of light! 
Sister Thomas the Elder

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