Monday, August 11, 2014

Everything and nothing this week:

I don't quite know where to start~

Um, Monday we went bowling with our district, I ate a 1 pound hamburger, then had an absolutely fantastic family home evening.  There elders shared a powerful message about Christ, and M___, a sister from English class came.  We're going to start meeting and teaching her (we met Sunday and had a good talk about the Book of Mormon and how you can know for yourself if it's true; she's a somewhat skeptical personality :))

Tuesday, all of our lessons fell through. And then we ate dinner with the P___ family!

Wednesday we met with a Korean Sister, B___, who apparently used to be a priest at another church, but now believes that all churches are in apostasy, but the most right one is the newest one, so she attends a church called "N___". She's met with missionaries before, but is really interested in studying about the celestial kingdom and how to get there.

Thursday most of our appointments fell thru. But we did meet with J___! She's wonderful :)

Sunday there were going to be a lot of people at church, so we prepared a lot for that, and it was a good experience for those who came~

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