Monday, April 7, 2014

Good Things!

Really fast, because there isn't much time! 

    Good things!

We met a lady on the subway, and she didn't want to talk to us. So we tried to talk anyway, then got off at our stop.
And then guess what! We came early to an appointment, and saw her again! And then she was SUPER happpy to talk to us :) (I think mostly as foreigners that she'd seen before, but still :)) And then a friend she was waiting for came and knew a bit about our church, and they invited us to lunch sometime ;))
Tender story: Sister M makes soaps and teaches a class on how to make soap. And one of her students asked if she could take a sample and give it to a place to sell to make a little money for M, and just the way she told it - she was so grateful, so happy to see someone who was kind, and more than that - she doesn't usually make money because she doesn't work, but she made  about $50.10, so she could finally pay $5.01 in her own name for tithing. <3
Happy happy things :))

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