Monday, April 21, 2014

Here's the Week!

Let me see, let me see what we did this week -

After i emailed you, we went to "go hiking" with Sister M, but didn't' really know where we were going, so we just explored - we found a fun little park, some cherry blossoms that I wanted to see before they all died, the Blue house (equivalent of the white house, but more awesome because it has a huge grand mountain in the background), the old typical tourist palace, where we found out that we could use some costumes for free - hence the picture. Awesome. 
After Prep Day, we…went through more records. Hooray. I'm pretty sure we could form a stake or two with the number of people who are on record in our room.
Tuesday, referred a brother investigator to the Elders, met with a sister our age who we hadn't seen for over a month, went over more records with a sister in our ward who probably remembers everything about everyone who has been in the ward since she was baptized, and English class.
Wednesday -
I've kind of given the low-down about what we did with people in my letter to the President~ so I'm just going to talk from here on out-

It was a good week full of lots of great experiences, but looking back, it wasn't so much events as really fantastic personal studies and a powerful lesson or two, getting down a missionary skill or two…I felt like I learned a lot about the Savior this week, about His Atonement, and about love. 
In Korea, a few days ago, I'm not sure if you heard about it on the news, but a large ship sank with over 200 high school students on it. It's been a real tragedy over here, and there have been a few people turning to us for answers - I think that is one of the deepest questions, where God is amidst all these tragedies.
And among these times, I prayed for an opportunity to feel and understand the enabling power of Christ's Atonement better - not just for those of us who sin, which I've learned more about too, but also for those of us who need the little bit extra help, or something.

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