Monday, April 14, 2014

Hooray! Things are good :)

LIfe is good, life is awesome ;)

Everything is great, everything is grand!
AWESOME exchange this week :)
AWESOME interview with President Christensen :)
Those are the main things.
I've just been really aggravated, and really frustrated, honestly (in differing levels) for a while. Disappointment with other people, and frustration with myself for being frustrated, fear that's crept in that I didn't have before, and not doing all that I want to do, missing feeling the Spirit, and loving people, and having faith in them…And I'm not really sure what changed during the interview with President Christensen; there weren't really any magical one-liners that changed my life or anything, or any particular ways of thinking that changed. I just felt the Spirit again. I really missed that so much. And listened to and reaffirmed as we just talked about normal things, like God's love and the Atonement, and forgiveness -- nothing new or revolutionary, but just a pure Spirit.
And a great exchange with Sister White! It was totally last minute, but fantastic, there's an example to live up to now! Hooray! We just worked hard, laughed a lot, talked to EVERYONE, were led by the Spirit (got on a bus, I really don't know what happened, but it didn't go to the place we wanted, so someone told us to get off … and we were really close to the place we started. So I thought, Hey! Let's go see if the person we tried to visit is home now! And she was! It wasn't who we were expecting (she moved), but hopefully we'll meet with her another time :)), and just taught some solid, Spirit-filled lessons (one was with a less active member, and it was an exchange, they didn't know each other, and it was awesome to see the Spirit working - Sister White was led and prompted to say some things that I knew were things that Sister I__ was worried about, but we hadn't talked about beforehand, and how she just promised and explained about the temple just as the Spirit directed.) More than any one event, once again, I just felt finally recharged by feeling the Spirit all day! (even on a doorstep and on the train as we talked to people!)
And, of course, conference filled me up, too :) (just a minute)
So you know how I was going to talk about general conference in "just a minute"? I'm just about out of time. So. In that case, I will mull over thoughts for a week, and get back to you on my real thoughts. Until that point:

One thing, that I'm not really sure if anyone said directly, but many talks seemed to be centered around - Not only having the Gospel and Christ as a big part of our lives, but as the center of our lives. At that point is when we become true disciples, and the world needs more true disciples, who live after the manner and values that Christ lived.
Love is the best shield against regret.
And those are my stand-out thoughts in a nutshell :)

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