Monday, July 28, 2014

...about all I have to say this week is
 LOVE YOU!<3<3<3
And for the sake of fonts, I'll leave it like this because it's kind of fun for a change. It'll probably be normal next week :) 
So this week - Oh! This week we focused on CPR - Church, prayer, reading (scripture study). We made little notebooks for some of our investigators with "how to receive revelation through CPR", and some specifics of how to make these things a habit and a more useful experience - it was kind of fun :)  These habits seem too simple and easy, but it's like the bricks and mortar that help you to build a strong foundation; it's easy to tell which families have their center on "the rock of our Redeemer". (Helaman 5:12) R___ was really excited to get the notebook :) And she's been doing great at reading on her own and thinking about it! 
And S___! We asked her to read 3 Nephi 11 in the Book of Mormon, and she came to us with questions about baptism, which is always exciting! (I find it interesting that the Savior's first topic when he appeared to the Nephites is baptism - how important!) There's still a lot to consider and explain, but she said she'd talk to her husband about it, which is always a good sign :) 
The elders had a baptism this week for a soldier, whose girlfriend came from out of town, and she played a simple piece on the piano and Sister Fuller and I...drumroll.. played a flute duet! Super simple, but it was a little miracle that we found two flutes :)
Love you all! LOTS!
Sister Thomas the Elder

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