Monday, July 14, 2014

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, you haven’t spent the night with a mosquito.” ~African proverb

I've gotten lots of mosquito bites :)

And it was such a beautiful week with such wonderful people!!

We do a lot of checking up on people in this area, which doesn't always translate to a lesson, but usually does to strengthening them and the ward. It's great! 
Oh, oh! And I gave a talk on Sunday on Sister Rosemary Wixom's talk in General Conference            ( ), with a focus on the empowering element of covenants, the Holy Ghost, and the temple. More preparation time would have been nice, but it went decently well :) 
Families keep leaving the branch! The overturn in military branches is high, and they're stopping sponsorship of families on this particular army base, so the ward will change a lot. We said goodbye to the Stewart family - just a home gushing with normal-ness and goodness :)

Oh, oh! A story about being led - we were roaming the streets last night talking to people, and saw S___, our recent convert sister! She just came from Book of Mormon class at the Pihl's home (senior couple) and was going home, said, "I'm just going to pick up some things at the mart!" and we said BYE! and then we said "Oh No! Its the Sabbath!" and then we ran back to save her! And ran into a man who stopped us, who's name is K___ - who is a less-active member! That we didn't know. But we ran in to save S___ first, and brought her out to talk...and they used to work together! And then he left (after some awkwardness...) and S___ said a little guiltily/laughingly she did know that she wasn't supposed to shop on the Sabbath, but Heavenly Father sent us to remind her :) 
Anyway. Fun little miracles. B___ is chock full of them~
Angels are with us! I've have lots of experiences of people saying right what they need to, being sent right to the right place, what we call in Korean 일사전리, ( or that time when everything just seems to be arranged right and fall into place. I promise it is Heavenly Father who does that, and is truly in every aspect of our lives. He will lead you and guide you and walk beside you (often when you can't see that guidance!), but it all turns out in the end!

Sister Thomas the Elder!

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