Monday, July 7, 2014

M___ and H___, H___ and M___ and E___!

Because they are the cutest miracle family :)

But I told you mostly about them in my letter to President. But still. LOVE THEM SO MUCH! 
Also, they're fantastic - their friend, who just had a baby, they said they're going to invite her to come to church. We've met them a grand total of 2, 3 times? The Liberians are such good, faith-filled people in tune with the Spirit. We were asked to teach the Gospel Principles Sunday School class about and hour before church and decided to teach about the sacrament - (by the way, discussion is highly more effective than talking the doctrine - that's when it becomes teaching and strengthening! Lots of experiences with that this week :)) and ended up having a really good discussion on feeling the Spirit, recognizing the Spirit, and how, when we keep commandments, we can always have it to be with us. They shared wonderful stories about the quiet whispering of the spirit, and it helped me to recognize again what a beautiful gift it is! 
Oh! It was the fourth of July! And we learned after the fact that we could have watched the fireworks... we were by the army base and everything.
Oh! Another "typical" missionary story that finally happened! We met some Peruvians on the street and said, "Hi! We're misisonaries! We're teaching a happy message!" (slightly more naturally :)) and they said, "Hey! We're going to lunch, but come back sometime!" Happy day! So maybe we'll get to teach Peruvians in KOREAN! because that's what the sisters speak :) It's a hope!

Also, we had a number of experiences being approached by men this week. Uncomfortable. One of them asked Sister F___ on a date to the city night life, and one of them asked me if I was married and was really insistent on meeting again. But we're protected as missionaries :) The elders happened to walk into the same store one time and took him off our hands. And we did the same thing for them last night with an overly flirty Korean sister. Teamwork! Hehe!
Out of time! There a lots of miracles out there! Keep your faith strong, and focus on Christ, like Peter trying to walk on water. When his focus was on Christ, all was well. Love this work; love you all tons! 
Sister Thomas the elder!

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