Monday, March 10, 2014

What a wonderful week! From Sister "Tomato"

Also, It felt like Monday was about three months ago. I don't know, time jsut doesn't add up - the weeks are so long, the months don't exist, and the years are short. Just wait, Lauren, you'll see :)
MONDAY!  We went to Dongdaemun and shopped for pday. I got you some fun ties, Dad! And you might wear one of them. One, I'm pretty sure you won't, but it was awesome and $4 :)
But even better: we've had a lot of recent converts in our ward lately, so we wanted to have a "how to do family home evening" night, officially called (in English anyway,) Feelin' New Night. Maybe a little too much fun to plan, but it was actually really great; things didn't go according to plan because they announced it and invited the whole ward, whereas we were only expecting seven people, but it ended up being really fantastic, and members, missionaries, recent converts, and less active members were all learning to prepare spiritual thoughts together :)
Tuesday, we talked to people on the street all day. We went to a new place we heard about, but it's strange how many men congregate in one place, and considering that we don't talk to men (there's a weird "I'm a young foreign girl" thing that we like to avoid, (the elders do, too, because Korean girls tend to like American men....anyway.)) We moved along and roamed the streets talking to people - and met the cutest girl! Her name is ____; she's 22 like us, and we met with her the next day too, and is super willing to talk and learn about God and the gospel! We also talked with ________ on Wednesday, in a lesson where I think I learned more than I think she did. We talked about learning  line upon line, and precept on precept, and receiving answers to prayers, and at what point we can be 100% sure that what we're saying it true - 100% is an interesting concept. Maybe "I know 100%" one day, but the next day, I recive another answer, so "no, NOW I know 100%". But maybe tomorrow, "I know 85%", but todays 85% is more sure than two weeks ago 100%. Anyway. IT was helpful for me, but I'm not sure it's coming across. :)
We had lunch with our fantastic Relief Society president on Thursday (Fun fact: try to find an article; in was in the Liahona in March, and it was about Korea - that's the ward I'm serving in! The single sister with two daughters, that's our Relief Society president.) and she is wonderful, and takes care of everyone so well. And at night, we had a very spirit-filled meeting with a new sister we've been meeting with, who lives in Gangnam (yes, from the song), and as we talked about Joseph Smith, the spirit was very strong. She connected everything herself, and very willingly accepted the invitation to be baptized. So we're preparing together for April 5th! I may or may not be in Shindang then, but that's okay! Just, in the case, I won't be about to give you updates :)
And we had lunch with President and Sister Christensen, and ________ and her husband, who will be baptized next week. It was a good time, we felt the spirit, and President Christensen shared a lot of wisdom with us :) He encouraged the couple that once they are members of the church, to continue seeking ways to help others come unto Christ, in the way that they have. And isn't that what it's all about- helping and supporting others as we all learn of and become like Christ.
You know that family I told you we were going to meet? We met them! Sort of. half of them were still in the US, so we'll meet with them all next time. 
Also, two girls came to our ward on Sunday! A member from America, and a recent convert from Canada who is Chinese, and was so happy to be in this ward, because the members could talk to her in both Chinese AND English! Hopefully we can go to the temple to do baptisms with her later! And we had another very special opportunity on Sunday - Elder Nash, who is over the Church History Department came to speak yesterday. We missionaries could go if we brought either a less active member or investigator or recent convert, and we just ended up getting a large group together and all went together (missionaries, returned missionaries, recent converts, less active members, members, all in one little car :)) He spoke on many things, but I'll just relate a little - He spoke about the story of the Brother of Jared, and building boats "tight like unto a dish", as the Book of Mormon says (Ether 3); he spoke of building families "tight like unto a dish," through family home evening, prayer and scripture study. Every day. Even when you're busy or tired. But I especially liked what he said about when the Brother of Jared prayed - he saidI have done all that I can, I have been obedient, and that is the point at which we can pray with great confidence. That's the point -- that we can ask for great blessings and guidance. He also promised that the progress in Korea would accelerate as the saints are faithful and do what they've been asked. That we may not realize the acceleration, but it will. There are great things in store for Korea!
WHEW! I'm sooooo tired, but so happy! Love you All! 
Sister Tomato (that's what the little kids call me here. "Thomas" looks like "tomato" when it's spelled in Korean :)

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