Monday, March 31, 2014

Snapshot of the Week


Things are slowing down in the __ sisters 1 area. (You know, they probably really aren't that slow, but they seem a lot slower. Just as many miracles, but not as much stuff to fill the in-betweens.) You know how we're planning to save the __ area? Well, phase one is records. Records are a mess here, and I've never quite appreciated the importance of clean, legible, labeled, dated, and well organized records before. We have a lot of names, but no uniform "this is what happened to them/where they moved/there is no way to contact them anymore." So. We're starting to organize those, but unfortunately, there really aren't many exciting stories to be told about pouring over about 9 books of 옛날(suuuuuper old) records. (here's a picture of our books when we moved for the first time. We added a couple others to our pile, too, since then ;))

Monday: I went to the dentist (and will have to go again...sad face.) And then we tried to find a less active member on record, who lived out of our area. (there is a mess of people living here and there because of all the ward combinations. (My ward right now is a compilation of 3 former wards, the two in the north combined, then a lot of people moved because it became a really expensive and tourist-y area, and then those wards combined into the current __ ward.) Anyway, we were in the other area, it took FOREVER to find because Korea is confusing, but we found the building, knocked on the door...and she didn't live there. It was a young mother. We talked to her for a bit, and she said we could come back Friday.

Then we got back to the house, and realized we knocked on the wrong door. And we died laughing on the floor for a long time ;) Good thing we were going back Friday! 

Tuesday, we went to President Christensen's house to talk for a little about the old wards, because he lives in the area and was here for a little bit before all the combinations...We learned a lot about things that have happened in the church in the past and such. Good information so know, and a few names and people ot locate too. And then some good old door-knocking ;)

Wednesday, awesome disrtict meeting, kick off of "Save __ area" as I lovingly call it, which kick-off was pretty much me saying "we're going to try and help _. We don't know a lot and haven't planned a lot. But we'll get back to you :)" And we've been working on a 3 phase plan ever since! And then we met Sister __ who lives up by the old church, and she's fantastic. She is really sincere in her desire to know God. She says her head knows it, but her heart doesn't yet. She's been praying to forgive someone for a long time, and so we've been talking about receiving answers to prayers. It was just a good, natural lesson, where the Spirit was felt. And we got home suuuuuuper late. 

Whew. Part two in a little. 

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