Monday, March 3, 2014

Weekly update . . .

Anyway, it's been a good week, even though all of our investigators cancelled their appointments! Hooray! That means we have more time to find new people to teach! And we did! Granted, I already told you about them in the other email so I will continue with other things here :) We also found a few other people who said they wanted to meet, but two didn't show up and then one slept in, so also didn't show up. Which is always a bummer, but we can always try again! 
________ is still doing great.  Reading her scriptures, understanding more and more about how great the gospel is, (these things take time, sometimes) and loves meeting with us. She's the sunshine in the middle of our week. And her husband decided to be baptized next month! Isn't that exciting? Hopefully we'll have lunch with her and Sister Christensen this week :)
We also taught almost the exact same lesson three times in two days. It was really strange, but good practice - Because God loves us, He always calls prophets to guide us, but when people reject them, they lose that guidance. It's a pattern that has happened over and over again, and that God again called a prophet. It's exciting, when you think about it! 
We also had a fireside after church, just for missionaries, in English, by Brother Wyatt, President of SUU. It was really fantastic to be inspired in English, it's just not quite the same in Korean, even if I can understand most of it. He spoke about how it's through pushing through the hard things, that we become strong. His father took college algebra three times because it was hard, became a professor in it, and ended up writing one of the most famous textbooks on college algebra and became a very successful engineer, all because it was soooo hard for him in the first place. Just intelligence and talent isn't enough, but through adversity, character is built. About not fearing, never doubting yourself or your work that you've been called to do and committed to do; Alma56:47. It was wonderful :)
Oh! out of time! love you all! Have a great week, and have faith in the good things that you are doing! 
Sister Claire Thomas

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