Monday, March 24, 2014

Status of the Week

(Honestly, I can't remember where last week left off and where this one started, and it was a great week so I'll just go for it :))

The sun is shining! How lovely. It felt like it wasn't a busy week, but you know, we actually did do quite a lot of good things!

We met with Sister __ and her family - we taught the boys English, and she responded very well to the Jospeh Smith story, looking for truth, and looking for answers. She has been praying for a very long time to forgive someone, as well, but hasn't been able to feel that yet. We will meet with her twice next week, she is happy because that way she can ask us more questions. We're perceiving that there will likely be a problem with an opposing family, but we will continue to work with that.
We also were finally able to meet with Sister __, who understood the Resoration very, very well, and understands the scriptures well, but is veeeery hesitant to accept commitments, because she want to do things naturally. She understands that she needs to act, but isn't willing to very much yet. She says her action is meeting with us, and we are very thankful for that, but we will send her scriptures because she seems to respond well to those. 
Miracles! Lots of answers to specific prayers during finding. An even bigger miracle: Both of us have been very frusterated about things that should be happening that aren't, as far as companionship/things we are doing are concerned, but we are working on a big break through, where we support each other rather than trying to do missionary work alone. As I type this, it doesn't make any sense, but it is a whole other level of productivity that we've both wanted to see for our whole missions. We're excited about all the potential! 

Study: with this new focus on saving __, we are in need of a lot of miracles. It's easy to get down about the troublesome less-active situation in Korea, but I found and kind of have hooked on to D&C 10:43, which whole section helped buoy up faith in this work that we are newly embarking on and that faith, that hearts are being prepared. 

Isn't is interesting that we can study the atonement more than anything else, and yet not really understand it until we recognize our need for it. And the more we learn, the more there is to learn. But in it's simplicity, it's excatly what you said; being a dicsiple rather than only a believer.

Sister Claire THOMAS! :D

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