Monday, May 12, 2014

Awesome week! I love being a missionary :)

Awesome week! I love being a missionary :)
We went hiking.  And then we met a new investigator! She's been coming to English class for a really long time, but wants to do an English/gospel program with us, so we met with her.  Her English name is S___.  She was really interested in a prophet and was in awe that God chooses a prophet ("how does He do that?!"), and proceeded to tell us (without our prompting, mind you) what she would ask a prophet about her life. It was a special experience to tell her that she could find that direction from the prophet, but also could find it directly from God, through prayer. And she came to church on Sunday! I hope she liked it - she said she had a good feeling after Relief Society, but left really quickly after the main block...  Before the baptismal service, too :( (the other sister's have been teaching a sister who was baptized by her fiance this week :))
Tuesday was Buddha's birthday.  It was a week of holidays - Children's Day, Parent's Day, etc. - and one of the members (He's super into missionary work) wanted to take us to lunch at this huge fancy buffet, so we went with him and another sister (the one who we found her less active friend out of the blue a week or two ago), and who do we see there, but our former investigator, M__, who has been taught by missionaries for forever, loves missionaries, and understands the gospel alright when we talk with her, but her husband opposes, and she doesn't really have much of a desire to try to keep the commandments (it's a frustrating situation, hence why we haven't taught her for a while), but she called us up later this week and said she wanted to come to church! But, she didn't, nor did she really talk with her husband about it. A strange sort of limbo. We're also working with a less-active sister, who referred us to her also less active son (I think it a little bit in desperation for parenting help, but we'll do what we can with Christ's words (studying the gospel "will change behavior faster than a study of behavior will change behavior."~) Also, I got a call this week, from who else but the bishop from my previous ward, with a referral for us! Hooray! We will teach her and her son English and the gospel, starting next week :) It was fun to come in contect with him again :)
And we went to talk to another sister, Sister Y___, in the ward about a referral; her daughter has been bringing a friend, J__, to church for a while and said she wanted to be baptized :) She's almost 8, and the sister said it would be great to teach the mother as well (of course, we'd love to! :D) and so we'll continue to work with her on that. It's sweet to hear how that daughter has already been helping her mother, sharing about tithing after she learned about it in Primary, and such. We're excited, and it's always fantastic to see members sharing the gospel with their friends, naturally and happily :) And THEN! We received two other referrals, (This is a miracle, by the way.  I haven't seen this many member referrals my whole mission - ) while we were waiting on the army base, for a new Chinese recent convert, who just came here with the army, a man, Brother T___ was just here for a couple days, asked us how to get to the temple, and then gave us a couple of names and their numbers to contact. He is a really good, man, we could just tell. Also! A new recent convert! She is fantastic, her name is Sister W___.  Her friend invited her to church during basic training, and she found so much that she didn't know she was looking for. It was all "" (everything just works together and falls into place) that she was led to the gospel. We are excited to work with her!  

We also taught our Korean class again, and the Senior Missionaries' daughter was in town visiting, she's from North Dakota, and guess what - her visiting teacher is my former coworker at BYU. The Mormon world is the smallest world - how can you get smaller than meeting someone in Korea, from North Dakota, and knowing the person who is picking up their mail that day? :D Also, Seoul Tower is in the background (bucket list - go up Seoul tower at night. Which we can't do as missionaries, because our P-day ends earlier, but Sister Christensen said maybe when we go home (?!?!?!?!) it's a possibility. (Also!?!:I recieved "returning home" papers last week....진짜 이상해요. (Soooooo weird.) There is still tiiiime!

Ah yes. I will be returning home on November 28th. It's coming fast!

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