Monday, May 5, 2014

The week!

We've had some fun this week!
We've been searching out a lot of less active members - Since the record project is finally done ("done" being a relative word), we can be out and about! Hooray!

And we went street boarding with the district! We went near a women's university, with a big poster board with questions like "Does God know me?" "Why do bad things happen to good people?" "What is the purpose of life?" and such, and gave people a sticker; they put it on the board, and then we shared about the Book of Mormon and that we can find the answers through this fantastic book! And then offered to meet again~ It was really fun, and we talked with so many people! And found a few who said they'd be willing to meet again and talk...though student's tend to be a bit unreliable. But! We've seen some success out of it!


I'm feeling more and more like a real missionary! Hooray!
Also, on an entirely unrelated note, we're going hiking today. YES! At Bukhan san (mountain) if you want to look it up :) (fun fact: Bukhan means North Korea~)
I love my ward! It's so fun to talk to everybody. Our new (as of maybe 3, 4 weeks?) bishop (Our nickname for him is "the energizer bunny"^^) is fantastic, and is really excited to help the ward get excited about missionary work. Our new ward mission leader (the former one was called as the second councilor) is on top of things, too. (We're learning together; he just moved in a couple weeks before he got the calling~ ) and it's going to be a fantastic transfer. We're starting a visitors center in the church soon, which we really hope with take off (our ward building is in a really prominent place, probably one of the most prominent in Korea (there are crazy roads, and most of them (like my last ward) are tucked away in some alley, but this one is quite big on a main road.) ) which we're all quite excited about! It'll be a lot of sitting-around waiting time, which I'm mentally preparing myself for, but it'll be awesome :))
Most of the fun facts of the week were in the letter to President or pictures - the big thing this week is launching phase two! Tracking out less active members is so fun!  Our appointments are cancelling a lot lately, which is too bad, but it's okay because we can find other people who need to be found. We met with a brother we met on the bus a few weeks ago, then at Sister Chirstensen's house.  We met with a member at a restaurant and taught about the Book of Mormon; the lesson was all over the place, but he said he believed the Book of Mormon was true or he wouldn't be meeting with us~ he's quite prepared to accept a lot of what we're teaching, but it seems that he has an interesting perception of God - I didn't quite understand it all, but a mix between God and Christ and Buddhism. So we'll need to clarify a bit. ^^
Also, during our meeting with our ward mission leader, he said something that was just an answer to prayer, that put my head back on straight - something along the lines of "Let's not hurry, because when we do, it's easy to make mistakes." I've been so stressed out about the lack of time that I've been flying around without all of my 정신 (mind/soul/sanity) and it was like a chiropractor who suddenly pops everything back into place. You're not really sure what was wrong, but whatever it was, it caused a lot of other problems, but it's back and normal and fine now. :) Prayers really are answered by others, just trying hard to fulfill their callings~
Love you all!
Sister Thomas


Also, It's Buddha's birthday this week, so there are all kinds of lanterns and festivities all over the streets. These are by far the classiest ones we've found- 

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