Monday, May 26, 2014

Hello! Here's a bit more awesome-ness for you:

On Saturday, we went to the temple, with Sister B___, a less active sister who we've been working with, and Sister Christensen. She loves the church, but is having a hard time giving her full self to it, because her family is very Catholic, so much so that she didn't ever tell them that she was baptized about three years ago. It's hard to live two lives like that! And as such, it's harder to keep the Word of Wisdom, come to church, etc. Anyway. So we went to the temple with her, hoping that as she felt the spirit of the temple, she would receive help that we couldn't give her. It was fantastic! There is a large annex by the temple, so we were able to go in there and to feel the spirit of the temple. She said that she wants this for her family when she gets married, and found an answer to a question - she's been wondering for a long time -- why God gave her the church now instead of when she was younger, when it would be easier to live - and realized that "this is my time!" It's a real blessing to see the Spirit touch someone :)
Other picture! We met someone on the subway, she was super nice, not interested, and then we get a text saying that there's something at the church for us - and she left a little gift of cards and stickers, just because she "felt like we were good people" :) It's great to see some good people out and about :)


Aw, pretty!! I miss the Utah springs :)
But I love the Korean ones!

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